New York State of Mind

I’m so excited, soon I’ll be visiting New York!! This is one of my favorite places to visit because there is ALWAYS something to see and do. This is the first time that I visit New York and staying at a hotel, so I’m a little scared but I guess is normal!

In preparation to my trip I can’t stop playing Empire State of Mind (thanks to one of my supervisors). I’m at home preparing my trip; making lists with places I want to go visit. Daydreaming of the amount of pictures I will take and the food I’ll eat. Excited that I’ll get to see one of my oldest friends and a new friend that I met during Fitbloggin!

I’m excited to be able to escape the routine and recharge! I’m even looking forward to go work out at Central Park! You’ll have to wait for me to post pictures on Facebook and/or in here. But in the meantime here is this video to get in the Empire State of Mind.

And when you done with that, let Frank Sinatra takes you back to his era with New York, New York!

Stay tuned, for my adventures in NYC and if you have an idea of what I should do, let me know!

Until next time

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What’s On Your Mind: Holidays, 4th Of July

As you know we just celebrated America’s Birthday – 4th of July -. This celebration, for the most part, revolves around BBQ’s, pool parties, adult beverages, family, friends, etc. For us in the weight loss journey, these celebrations or holidays can be tough and challenging. There is so much going on and so much to think about and/or take into account.

I’m using the fun format of the Friend Makin’ Mondays (ran by the amazing and beautiful Kenlie

Here it goes!

What's On Your Mind: Holidays 4th of July!
What’s On Your Mind: Holidays 4th of July!

1. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? If so, what did you do?
Yes, I did!! I went brewery hopping with friends in preparation to the grand opening of one of my co-workers brewery! (If you are in the DFW area or visiting, you should stop by and support them!)

2. What was your biggest challenge during the 4th of July?
Trying not to drink as much beer as I was served to not over do it. 

3. How did you deal with that challenge?
Fortunately, some of the beers were too strong for me, so I didn’t drink it all and in some instances, we shared the beers that way we didn’t go overboard. 

4. What have you done differently?
Well I’m not supposed to have gluten (don’t tell my doctor), maybe next time I’ll still join the festivities but drink something more appropriate for my gluten intolerance. (Not complaining, I had a great time 🙂 )

5. What’s your biggest accomplishment?
I would say that even when we were drinking, I didn’t indulge in greasy foods or ate when I wasn’t hungry. So in my book that’s a win 🙂 

That’s all for now. Share with me What’s on your mind and how spend your 4th of July posted below and let’s get to know each other better!

Until next time,

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From Me To Me: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

Happy 38 and many more!
Happy 38 and many more!

Today I’m turning 38, but I don’t look a day old of 25 😉 – wishful thinking! – I was reflecting on the past year. The promises I made for myself and didn’t keep. The lessons I’ve learned through these 37 years and that I plan to take with me from now on.

As many, I’ve been hurt intentionally and unintentionally by friends and love. Even though I have been working to get my thoughts, feelings and emotions straight, somehow, I haven’t been able to shake those feelings of not being good enough for the people that hurt me. The downside of this is that now days I act from “behind a wall” of protection.

I remember in the past, when I was younger, I was able to talk to people and make friends quickly. Now, after all the hurt and pain I’m more on guard. I don’t open as much as I used to, and this, I know, it affects my relationships.

Today, my 37 years old self is telling the new 38 years old me, to…

“Let it go, forgive and forget. The people that hurt you and the reasons they hurt you, are not a reflection of you, it is more about them than anything else. Granted, you are not perfect, but you can’t live your life fearing to being in pain or caring about what other people think of and about you.”

“Friends and love come and go. People grow apart. People mature while others stay the same. It is OK to lose friends. It is OK to lose love. It won’t be the end of the World. Don’t hide behind the wall, get out there. Show the World what you are made of. Don’t deprive new people from getting to know your wonderful self.”

“Hurt and pain from years ago… let it go! It is not worth carrying that with you. Take the lessons and move on. Learn and grow from it, but the excess baggage, leave it behind! Remember it costs.”

“I applaud you for letting go of people that holds you back. For knowing what you want and knowing where you going. Remember, keep people in your life that brings good things. People that challenge you to BE better, DO better. Keep the people that are OK with you being you! With the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.”

“Leave behind the people that judged you and the people that sucks your energy. THERE IS NO ROOM for this in your life. Don’t waste energy trying to please everyone, I know you don’t like disappointing people, BUT YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE!” 

“Be happy with what you have. Stop wishing for what you DON’T have. Go after your dreams and trust that God will release His grace in time. Remember, HIS TIME IS PERFECT.”

“Embrace this new year and many more to come. Use it to reach your dreams. Use it to be better, to do better. Use this year to make and keep promises to yourself. Don’t waste precious time, remember, time goes fast. In the blink of an eye you’ll be 40! Enjoy today; yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet.”

“Happy 38th birthday and may this new year brings you love, friendship, and may all your dreams come true!” 


Your 37 year old self!


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