60 Day Challenge Lifetime Fitness

About two months ago, I joined Lifetime Fitness in the hopes to get into the habit of exercise on a regular basis and be more active. To be honest, I haven’t been successful. I’ve gone to the gym about 5 to 6 times in two months… So I decided to do challenge myself to go to the gym at least 10 to 15 times in June. Then I saw that Life Time had a 60 Day Challenge and I decided to sign-up.

I’m the first one to recognize that even when I signed up for challenges, I don’t follow through, however, this time, I’m pushing myself to do it because I’m clear of the reasons why I want to do this. I’m going to be connected with my Why. Doing this will keep me focus and engage.

60 Day Challenge Lifetime Fitness
Game On!

The Challenge

Provides the tools and resources to keep yo motivated to crush your fitness goals and also it doesn’t hurt that the grand prize is $10,000 and a trip to Hawaii,and more! How amazing is that? The 60 Day Challenge provide the participants with a timeline to give them an idea as to what can they expect. At the same time, it includes recipes, workout ideas, workshops, support and more.

This weekend was the “Weigh-in” weekend, that serves as the Challenge Kick-off. During this phase, you get your starting weight and other stats about your body. You have to take your before picture with a bracelet they give you and once the challenge is over, you have to submit the pictures and an essay. This is really exciting!

I’m really excited that I decided to join the challenge and I’m looking forward to crush my weight loss goal! This will also get me a step closer to have a good performance during the upcoming races.

My goals in joining this challenge are:

  • To develop the habit of working out on a regular basis
  • To develop better eating habits
  • To be more of my excuses and find ways to remove them
  • To get stronger
  • To be healthy
  • And ultimately, to lose weight and hey – why not – win! 😀

Let’s keep in touch. I’ll be sharing things I learn during the process and much more!


Drinking More

In the past I didn’t have any issues drinking water, however, lately, this has been a challenge. I’m a sucker for apps, gadgets and anything that can help in my journey, and because of my lack of water, I knew I had to do something.

I tried an app called Water Drink Reminder. It was fun, every time I needed to drink water, the sound of pouring water on a glass came up. My co-workers always looked at me strange… Even though I liked that, I soon stop tracking my water intake.

I bought cute cups to encourage me to drink more water, but then again, soon I stopped. I put reminders and this was kind of successful during the week, but then during the weekend, I feel out of the routine again. I really needed help with this.

I live in Texas, and during the summers, I need something that keeps my water cold for longer and that it is easy to carry, I really dislike room temperature or hot water, UGH!

Enter Hydro Flask!

This my water bottle and I love it!
This my water bottle and I love it!

This is one of the most amazing bottles I’ve tried. It keeps my water cold for a long time, and ice doesn’t melt. I bought the 40oz bottle because did I mention that I have an issue with drinking water? 😉

But as you might off picked up, I’m not good with the tracking of the water. So I needed something else to accompany my 40 oz bottle. And there I found Plant Nanny. I know, if I didn’t use the other water app, how come I’ll use this one? Well, that’s easy…

It is a plant!

This is my favorite App to track my water intake!
This is my favorite App to track my water intake!

Well, at least, a virtual one. Looking at my plant’s sad face makes me drink water because I don’t want it to die. I saw the sad face once and that was enough for me to drink more water. I love that I get to have different plants, so far I only have one and another one in progress.

I’m not saying that I have been successful at drinking the 129 oz of water, but at least, I’m drinking more than before, in average, in the last 14 days, I have drank about 110 oz., that’s an improvement from before, where I spent days with only 40 oz of water or less in me.

The increment in water intake has also shown to be a solution or aid to my weight loss. I always heard about it, but I wasn’t sure of how much of an impact this has in the weight loss process. Drinking more water, has curved my appetite and cravings. And although I’m still struggling to keep within my Weight Watchers points – this is for another post – I know I’m eating less and making better choices.

I’m looking forward to see how many more plants I can grow and at the same time spread the love for Hydro Flask, so far I have two, and I’m sure that I’ll have many more.

Do you track your water intake? If so how? Do you have a favorite bottle? Share what you love!

Just One Cupcake


Review: Against The Grain Gourmet – Baguettes

Can I get a HIGH FIVE! Or a lifetime supply of the amazing Against the Grain Gourmet Baguettes? – I’ll take the second one please! 😉 In my quest to find GOOD GLUTEN FREE BREAD, I came across to most amazing, delicious baguette, and I have to be grateful to Against The Grain Gourmet for this.

I have to confess, I was really scared, because in the past, I’ve tried different kinds of Gluten Free Bread, and some of them were good, some were strange, and some were really bad. So when I came across this one, I grabbed but with a hesitant hand.

I love making sandwiches, I really do. It is one of the most fun foods in the world. You can do so many combinations and be creative. I love SANDWICHES! And good bread is key in this process. If your bread is so, so, your sandwich will be only so, so. If your bread is delicious… then BOOM you got a delicious sandwich!

That was the case with Against The Grain Gourmet Baguette. It was like an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The main purpose was to make a tuna melt and it served that purpose. It was strong enough to hold the tuna and the cheese and at the same time crunchy – not hard – but crunchy, just like a fresh piece of French baguette.

Against The Grain Gourmet Original
Against The Grain Gourmet Original

At that point, I thought that it made sense that it tasted delicious because it had tuna, mayonnaise, and cheese, what taste bad with all that? So I put it to the test… I ate it with butter only and guess what!? It was AMAZING!!! The flavor that jumped to me was cheese… and when I looked at the ingredients, that was part of it. WINNING!!

The funny part of all this is that I recently bought their book and it was when I was looking at the website to learn more about the products and saw the book. So naturally, the Hallelujah song started playing with an orchestra of angels playing harps…(too much? well I want you to get the point 😉 )

To say the least, I’ll be a consumer for life – that’s why I need an unlimited supply of the products -. And, now more than ever, I’m excited and eager to start preparing some recipes from the book and make my gluten free meals more delicious.

Find them in a store near you. I know you will be happy you found them, and you can say like Oprah say in her Weight Watchers Commercial…

Have you tried this bread or any of the other products? Do you have their cookbook? If so, have you made any of their recipes? How did it turned out? Tell me everything, I want to hear your experience. Did you hear angels sing like me?

Happy sandwich eating!!! 🙂


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