Summer Outdoor Fun & Exercise

The Summer is in full swing; BBQ’s, pool parties, vacations, fireworks, and tons of outdoor activities. Growing up my summers were filled with trip to the beach, sun, play and family times. Now that I’m an adult and live in a different place, my Summers are a little different. Now it includes, work, vacation time when I’m available, and walks around town and the lake.

Outdoors activities open the door for “incognito” exercise. Incognito you say!? Well, yes. You know how some people don’t like the word “exercise”, so outdoors activities, like visiting a museum, discovering new ares in your town, going to a festival or even a flea market, contributes to your daily exercise quota.

No matter what activity you choose, remember that being active and exercising is beneficial for you.

The Mayo Clinic has identified 7 benefits of exercise:

  1. Weight control
  2. Diseases management and prevention
  3. Better mood
  4. Increase energy
  5. Improve sleep
  6. Boost sex drive
  7. Enjoyment from exercise activities

June, was the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and Bankers Healthcare Group is participating with Spring Into Fitness, to spread the word about being active and its benefits. Remember that being active doesn’t mean be at the gym 24/7. Here is an handy info-graphic that shows what being active is like, the benefits and more.

Find what inspires you and Spring Into Fitness? Share with us! For more information about the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month visit  their webpage.

See you next time!

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Open Letter to Roni


Although a powerful word, it doesn’t cover all the gratitude and the sentiment I’m feeling after another successful Fitbloggin.

The Fitbloggin tribe in Denver

The Fitbloggin tribe in Denver

I know you must of heard this before, but I wanted join my fellow Fitbloggin attendees in saying, THANK YOU for an amazing event, the passion, dedication and love you put into the success of Fitbloggin.

Thanks for choosing amazing cities and give us the opportunity to explore a new place. Thank you for providing great information from professionals and bloggers. Thanks to you and your amazing staff for making feel part of the family. Thanks for the smiles, the songs, the laughs, the photos, the stories, the hugs… THE HUGS!!

Seeing the faces of old friends and meeting new ones is one of the best feelings one can get and thanks to you, Roni, this keep happening every year :-D. The experiences, that I obtain during this weekend I will take with me forever.

I know we just left Denver, but I’m so looking forward to next year; I know it is going to be AWESOME!

Once again, Roni, thanks for the love and dedication you put to make Fitbloggin amazing! See you next year!


Denver: Fitbloggin 15


Here is a snapshot of the group the participated in Fitbloggin'12.

Here is a snapshot of the group the participated in Fitbloggin’12.

Soon I’ll be joining in Denver a wonderful group of people. I’m talking about the Fitbloggin Family! My first time going to this event was back in 2012. It was fun, informative and an awesome and unforgettable experience.

I remember meeting some of the bloggers that followed. I felt starstruck. Meeting Emily from Authentically Emmie it felt like I knew her and I had to hug her. The same happen when I met Alan from Sweating Until Happy, he is super awesome.

At the same time it was about meeting new people. This is when I met the awesome Heather Hud from Yummy Sushi Pajamas and Dre from Mission: Meltdown I think the most excited to see them again!

I also met Amanda Shute Taylor & Mylène Deveau, my roommates and meeting them was  – once again – like I knew them from a long time.

This year I’m going to Fitbloggin 15, with a friend, my walking-half-marathon buddy. This is her first time and I’m excited for her. I’m looking forward to visit Denver and check it off from my list of places to visit. I’m looking forward to meet new people and reconnect with the ones I know. I’m excited, really excited to hit the rest button and restart my love for writing and reignite my blog.

Stay tuned for my posts before, during and after Fitbloggin 15. I can’t wait to tell you all about it so you can enjoy my excitement and get to participate in upcoming events. If you are going to be in the conference, look for me. I would LOVE TO MEET YOU!!

See you soon!


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