The “C” Day

The day of Change!

That is what the “C” of the title stands for. Why you ask? – and even if you  are not asking I’ll tell you!

This coming Monday July 14, 2014, I’m starting three new challenges. 3? YES 3… Over achiever much?  The truth that it sounds like a lot of changing at once, however all of them go hand in hand. One can’t be as successful without the other; check this out:

Challenge 1 Arbonne’s Detox

Arbonne’s Fit Kit

Have you heard of Arbonne before? Probably no, in any case, here it what it is: As in their website: Arbonne’s skin care products, based on botanical principles, became a reality in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne’s network of Independent Consultants.

So what is this Detox about? Well I have to say that it is one of the best, less harsh detoxes I’ve tried, and the best part is that it has a support group via Facebook so you don’t feel like you are alone doing this.

What do you get?

  • 2 bags with vegan and gluten free protein powder – either vanilla or chocolate.
  • Detox green tea
  • Energy Fizz Tabs
  • Fit Chews
  • Herbal Detox Teas
  • Daily Fiber Boost
  • Facebook group with weekly meal plans and recipe ideas.

How do you do it? 

Start your day with a detox tea and a breakfast shake. Have a sensible and clean lunch and snacks  - no process food or sugar – and for dinner, have another shake or a lite and healthy meal.  The Facebook group offer support an a weekly guide of what to eat and what to buy.

Challenge 2 PiYo

PiYo is the new Beachbody workout. PiYo is a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG {excerpt from the Beachbody webpage}

What is it about?

The famous and talented Chalene Johnson, mixed the best Pilates and Yoga movements to created an energetic lo-impact workout to make you torch calories for a strong and lean new you!

Although the third challenge it is not workout or diet related, I’m starting it at the same time. So here it is!

Challenge 3 Arbonne RE9 & Genius

These two are a winning combo to look younger!

These two are a winning combo to look younger!

What It Is?

The Genius is a resurfacing pads that exfoliate and make you skin glow. With nightly application, you can obtain results in just two weeks.

What It does?

Improve your skin’s elasticity, reduced the look of dark spots and make your skin feel softer and smooth.

As you can see, I have a very hectic 28 to 30 days ahead. I’m really excited and SCARED! But just like the 21 Day Fix Challenge, I KNOW I’ll do great and amaze myself of what I’m capable of.

What about you? Anything fun, exciting or challenging planned or going on?

See you next time!

Smile Often and be Healthy

Just One Cupcake


That Makes 37

Yes, I just turned 37 years old, my second birthday in Dallas, and just like last year, it was amazing. I’m really happy that everywhere I go I get to meet amazing people. I can’t complain, my life is amazing.

Granted, during these 36 years there has been good moments and not so good ones. I’ve lost friends, I’ve gained friends; I’ve lost family members, I’ve gained family members; I’ve lost jobs, I’ve found new jobs; I’ve been in love and I’ve had my heart broken. All of these experiences, only have made me stronger and a more appreciative and objective person.

Now I know exactly what I want, personally and professionally and I’m not afraid to go get it or ask for it.

Good looking people having a great time!

Good looking people having a great time!

I’m ready for what this new year will bring. I’m ready to pay it forward and help other achieve their potential. I’m ready to embark new adventures and experiences. To set new goals and reach them; to work hard and not be afraid. I’m ready, and I’m here!

To my friends, old and new ones, thank you for your love and affection. I’m very grateful and luck to have you in my life.

Cheers to a new year and happy b’day to me!


That Moment When…

You realize that you are changing your clothes to workout and you didn’t have to talk yourself into it.

Yup, today I had one of those today.



I came home, I dropped all my bags and went to my bedroom, just like that I was in my workout gear. To me that’s great progress. In the past I would have had to talk myself into working out and in some cases, it wasn’t successful.

But that wasn’t the case today! I feel like a total winner and about to start shimmying!! – that’s my thing ;-) -

This might sound silly, but for me is a great step towards achieving my weight loss goals and any goal. I like I how feel just thinking that I’m capable of maintain this new habits I’m forming and not making up excuses to avoid the commitment with myself.

Today, when I tracked my weigh on MyFitness Pal, and noticed that I’ve been tracking for 44 days straight – good or bad days – I saw that I’ve lost almost 13 pounds, I felt a sense of joy and relief. Joy because I’ve been consistent and I’ve lost weight. Relief because I was truly scared that after my breakup with Weight Watchers I wasn’t going to be able to lose weight, after all, while I was paying for the program, I wasn’t having any success. In fact, i felt pressure to lose weight.

Now I know that I CAN DO IT. I realized that I’m better counting calories than points. Nothing wrong with Weight Watchers, in the past I did it successfully, but this time wasn’t clicking. I no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed to be paying for the meetings and the online tool and have no success. I feel empower that I can do this on my own, well using MyFitness Pal.

Well here is to continue doing what is working for me and having fun while at it. Here is to feeling proud and accomplish. Here is to knowing that the road is long and curvy, but it is possible to navigate. And most importantly, here is to knowing that I can and WILL reach my weight loss goals!

See you next time!

Smile Often and be Healthy 

Just One Cupcake


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