Portion Control: Make Every Bite Count

Lately eating healthy or attempt portion control, has been a CHALLENGE. I start my day with the right intentions and somewhere along the way all those are gone.

Every week I make plans, I pick the recipes I want make, I buy the ingredients, I prepare the food, I pack my lunch in my portion control bowls… I’m READY, I feel invincible, but then after day one everything goes down the drain. The food I prepared goes without eating. The ingredients I have for my recipes, go unprepared.

Every week I have images in my head of the tasty dishes and how awesome my week is going to be. The sad thing is that stays there in my head. This week I’ll COOK and will EAT what I COOK.

This week's goal: Make every bite count.

This week’s goal: Make every bite count.

I’m taking back control of my eating habits. I’m going back to basics. To write down what I eat, keep track of my Weight Watchers Points and measure everything. Whenever I feel hungry – if I have eaten – I’ll drink water or eat a fruit. I will not eat at the first signs of hunger, I will wait and see what my body tells me.

This sounds so easy, but boy it is so HARD! I tried to keep my food intake within my range. I even bought portion control plates from Weight Watchers. I’ve been trying for a while and I don’t seem to grasp the concept. In my head something is “X” amount of points, but when I put it in writing is “(X)2″ more than what I thought, and by the end of the week I went over my points, sometimes even more than twice. :-S

This stresses me out. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw the towel. But is that attitude that has put me where I’m today – in terms of weight -. If I want to lose weight or kick start my weight loss, I must remain firm in my efforts.

This week I’ll make every bite count! I will take it one day at a time; that’s the only way to reach my goals. So here it is to a new week full with positive thoughts and success.

See you soon!




Humana Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon

13.1 miles! Yikes!

For one group of people this is not a big deal; for other set of people it is a great accomplishment. Guess what set of people I belong to?! Yes, that’s right… to the ones that think that this is a great accomplishment.

A year ago, no, no scratch that, A MONTH AGO, I was crying as I was walking my first 15K (9.3 miles) and repeating to myself “I can barely finish this, how am I suppose to do a half marathon”. I was sure that it was a bad idea – my idea by the way -. How was so stupid to say “Yes, let’s do a half marathon.” At that moment I wasn’t a big fan of myself.

Luckily, my walking buddy knew better. She kept reassuring that I was going to be just fine that of course I was tired, but that it was my longest walk since we started training, and that by the time I get to do the 13.1 miles, I was going to Rock it. Needles to say, I wasn’t a big fan of hers either at that moment. But I kept moving.

We kept training and training until the day of my FIRST HALF MARATHON arrived! A bunch of emotions ran by me. Anxiety, nervousness, anticipation, excitement and above all FEAR! Fear that my legs were going to shutdown just because they were tired. Fear that my mind was going to shut down because I was tired. Fear to be the last one…

As we approached the starting line – the groups were sent off in waves  and I was in one of the last corrals – my heart started to pound so hard and fast that I thought I was going to pass out. Tears started to form in my eyes at the same time that I was saying out loud “I’m OK, I’m OK, I’m OK.” And just like that a lady walked by me and in a loving and encouraging way said “YOU are going to Rock it.” {Insert air-horn sound} 


And just like that, the Humana Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon started!

This is a post race picture. I was photo-bombed by Reunion Tower.

This is a post race picture. I was photo-bombed by Reunion Tower.

Half Marathon

Great feeling crossing the finish line. Tried to do the whole Breakfast Club ending but this came out! LOL

As we started to walk, I kept hearing people cheer, reading their sings and I was getting more, and more excited. “I can do this… I got this..” That was my mantra through the race – as well as the occasional  The Lord’s Prayer, especially towards the last part of the race, this prayer gave me the strength and push I needed to complete my first half marathon.

As miles went by, I remember my friend telling that part of the route was going to go by her apartment and that she was going to cheer me on. As I’m telling this to my walking buddies, I look forward and there she was, my friend Maria with her lovely boyfriend Aaron and her dog Buddy. I ran towards them and gave them the biggest hug yet. They kept saying how proud of me they were and I was grateful to see them there.

The best part of the race was that I got to walk by amazing places in Dallas. I was discovering this beautiful city in an unusual way. I got to take it all in and remember how fortunate I was am! One of my favorite parts was in the beginning when I took a picture pre-race of us and inadvertently Reunion Tower was part of it. Another favorite part was walking through the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and of course seeing Marker 13 and crossing the finish line.

At the finish line there was another surprise. Erin. As we were approaching marker 13 I said to Brooke – one of my walking buddies – “do you mind taking a picture of me at mile 13?” She did with no objection and then in the distance we hear a “HEY!” when we look out, there was Erin, jumping and waving her arms. Brooke and I ran towards her and gave her a sweaty hug and a breathless, “thank you, thank you for being here”. To what she replied “well come on finish it!” And that we did. We crossed the finish line trying to emulate the iconic ending of the Breakfast Club at the same time that we were posing for the cameras trying to look pretty and presentable – Brooke did a better job than me in that front -.

As soon as we crossed the finish line, Erin was on the other side waiting for us with excitement and joy. We were really happy, I was really happy. Then we grabbed our medals and walked towards the exit. Grabbed some snacks and signed up for a well deserved massage.

After I got home, I couldn’t believe that I did it. I accomplished 13.1 miles. Every time I think about it I can’t contain the smile that comes to my face. I’m proud of what I did. I’m proud that I didn’t give up on me. That I pushed through and leaned on God’s help to get to the finish line.

I wasn’t the first one, I wasn’t the last. And to be honest who cares. The important thing is that I did it, I DID IT! That’s my accomplishment and I will carry it with me for ever!

There are other races in the horizon, possible two more half marathons. Now that I proved myself I can do this, I’m going to start challenging me to do better and better every race I do; it could be a 5K or a 10K or a 15K or 13.1 miles, I’ll push and work to improve previous races.

How was your first race? Tell me all about it!


5K, 10K, 15K

Yes, I’ve been going up and down all over Dallas with the purpose of doing my first half marathon in Dallas. Thanks to my walking buddy and co-worker Brooke, I’m becoming more and more active every week.

Since January 24th, I have been participating in a 5K, 10K and the last one a 15K, with training in between. The ultimate goal, to do my first half marathon. It hasn’t been easy, but sure has been rewarding.

There are days when I don’t want to train, but then I make myself do it, because otherwise I know it would be even more painful to cross the finish line. So far the hardest event has been the “Hot Chocolate” run.

Here is a collage of my races so far.

Here is a collage of my races so far.

I remember wanting to cry, well scratch that, I cried because I was tired, because I felt that my legs were going to give up and because I knew that the 15K finish line was around the corner, but didn’t arrive soon enough.

At the moment of tear forming in my eyes, my walking buddy Brook looked at me and became a cheerleader – I still don’t know how she does it -. “Come on, Lorraine, you can do this. Look, the finish line is around the corner. Look at the horse” – Yeah, there was a horse on the way to the finish line.

At the same time bystanders started to cheer and clap and saying phrases such as “good job; you are almost there; you are doing awesome”. This plus Brooke’s encouragement, gave a small second window – at that time it looked more like a doggie door – and I pushed the last half mile or so.

As I turned the corner, there it was the most anticipated finish line. I was about to finish my first 15k. The longest distance I had done at that point. Pain was running through my legs, tears were rolling down my cheeks and a half forced, half honest smile came to my face.

Brooke decided that we were going to run the last quarter mile, or maybe less, towards the finish line and I agreed. As I’m approaching the finish line I hear my name. The announcer, he said my name. I looked at Brooked and asked “why did he say my name? Am I too late to finish?”. She laughed and said “because you are awesome”.

After this, we kept our training – a little interrupted due to bad weather – with our sight set on the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Dallas – my idea by the way -. I have done 13 miles in training and I felt good. Currently I’m nervous and the anticipation of the course, the event is getting to me a little.

I know I can do this. I know I will finish it. I will be rocking my first half marathon medal and I will probably wear it event to go to be – well maybe not -.

So wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!


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