Scale Confessions: I’m Not Giving Up

Yes, as the title suggested, this week I GAINED WEIGHT, however I’m not giving up. I understand what was behind that weight gain:

  • Poor eating habits – this past week I didn’t pack my lunch, skipped breakfast and chose all the wrong snacks.
  • Overeating – because of the point above, my body didn’t receive the proper nutrients and that caused me to overeat.
  • I had a cold – with the weather changing it is normal to get a  cold. I tried to fight.
  • Lack of exercise – because of being a little sick, I skipped the workouts and well, this showed up at the scale.

All this is recipe for giving up, however I am NOT GIVING UP! I need to adjust, refocus and keep moving forward. What happened this past week, stays there.

Not Giving Up

Weight Loss Progress

Here is how week 07 went – 11/23/14 to 11/29/11

Starting Weight: 236.8 lbs
Previous Weight: 228.6 lbs
Current Weight: 231.2 lbs
Weight Change: +2.6
Total Weight Loss: 5.6 lbs

Tracking my progress to my first goal:


Scale Confessions: Progress not Perfection

Weight loss progress it is not always pretty or reflected on the scale. Weight loss progress can be measure in many ways. From tracking everything you eat – even when you overate – to the most obvious one, lose clothing and/or the scale.

This week it wasn’t a prefect week in terms of my eating. I ate, ate, and kept eating. Every meal, I tried to stay within my calorie range, but I ended up overeating. In previous occasions I would have given up, not weighted and forgotten – once again – about my goals.

Weight Loss Progress

I understand that weight loss progress road, is full of ups and downs.

And I’m proud to report that even when I had a not-so-perfect week, I still tracked my food intake and weight. To my surprise… I lost 1.2 pounds.

Here is how week 06 went – 11/16/14 to 11/22/14

Starting Weight: 236.8 lbs
Previous Weight: 229.8 lbs
Current Weight: 228.6 lbs
Weight Change: -1.2
Total Weight Loss: 8.2 lbs

Tracking my progress to my first goal:



Review: Gluten & Allergen Free Expo Dallas

The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Dallas was amazing. From the treatment to the official bloggers – we were very spoiled by the Expo team – to the amazing display of vendors and products.

Official bloggers and some of the products we received!

Official bloggers and some of the products we received!

The morning started with pizza, Russo’s Gluten Free pizza that is. I had the opportunity to try this way before the Expo and I loved it and for that reason I was so excited to see that they showed up and share the goodness with the gluten intolerance and Celiac peeps. If you haven’t try this, check their website to see if you favorite grocery store has it, you won’t believe how good a gluten free pizza can taste!

The same aisle brought other amazing surprises. For example one of my favorite grocery stores, Sprouts Farmers Market, had an amazing display of gluten free products in snack and regular sizes, the best part? All was for us! I couldn’t contain my excitement. Out of all the variety of products they offered in their display, was the goodness of The Real Deal. This company has a variety of gluten free snack and among my favorites the Cheese Crunchies.

Continuing the trip down the first aisle, I noticed that my bag was completely full in less than an hour! I had to go out to my car and empty my bag to continue.

After coming back in, I stumbled with the BEST, yes you read that well, BEST GLUTEN FREE BREAD, from Kim & Jake’s. The times to miss real tasting bread are gone. They make amazing quality products, from cookies to bread, find them in your nearest Whole Food’s Market – if your store doesn’t carry it, request it, you won’t regret it!

Other favorite vendors were Omission Beer, official bloggers sponsor. This is NOT only a gluten remove beer it is ALSO super tasty. You won’t miss the flavor of regular beer. And to make matter even better, they just released two ciders and, well it is delicious, the perfect balance of crispness and sweet.

I can’t forget about the awesome people at NutraSumma another of our fabulous sponsors. Nutra Summa is the leading manufacturer of Pea Protein and Gluten-Free nutritional products in the world.

I can’t leave without mentioning the amazing team and products of Nona Lim. I discovered them just in time for the winter. Delicious soups and broths to make the perfect bowl of soup for a cold day. My favorite is the  Nona Lim Thai Curry Lime Broth, who knew that so much flavor can be pack in a pouch, a real explosion of flavor. You can the products in your nearest Whole Food’s Market.

But it wasn’t all about the products, it was also about the people’s stories and their passion for creating quality products and share it with the public. The team of the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, take their time to put together an amazing show. Full with great vendors and amazing classes or talks about gluten related issues among other topics.

Keep an eye here because during the next weeks I’ll be reviewing products and giving away some good stuff! Stay tuned!


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