Just One Cupcake and the Traveling Pants: Denver

Well, June and July were AMAZING months. In June I went to Denver for the first time to take part of the great blogger’s conference Fitbloggin, where I got to see some of my favorite people and add new ones to that list and in July I visited one of my favorite cities in United State… NEW YORK!


I arrived to Denver and one of the first things I saw in the distance was the amazing Rocky Mountains. It was a little cloudy, but I was able to see them. It was pretty amazing. A short drive later, I was at the Westin Denver. Beautiful hotel in downtown Denver.

One of the first people I saw were Gail and Kelly. Then, as I went up the escalator, I saw the amazing Dre. I rushed up the stairs only to rush down so I could give him the biggest hug. It felt like hugging a teddy bear :-). The day advanced and I kept seeing people I knew, like Heather; she’s a ray of sunshine – and she lives in the Sunshine State, very fitting for her ;). This girl is amazing; my only regret was not spending more time with her. Later that night I saw the fabulous Kenlie and a slow motion running hug was in order! Lastly the energetic Erin Kreitz Shirey – you should check her out <3!

The people

The people!

The people!


As I mentioned above, I added new people to my list: Tasha; This lady is amazing and has some serious Zumba moves. Schnelle another beautiful lady killer Zumba moves and great energy. Alyssa, super sweet and pretty. And from the DFW I met Jennifer Lefforge, and Stephanie (crafted Beer lover).

Besides the conference, I also took time to see my long time friend Glenda. So met met for brunch and it was amazing to be able to see her and catch up. I also walked around Downtown Denver where I saw the Big Blue Bear, ate homemade ice cream and beef jerky, visited a small flea market – missed the big one -.

Walking Around

Walking Around

Discovering Denver

Discovering Denver

Fitbloggin’15 in Devner was amazing and I can’t wait for Fitbloggin’16 in Indianapolis. See you there friends!!


New York State of Mind

I’m so excited, soon I’ll be visiting New York!! This is one of my favorite places to visit because there is ALWAYS something to see and do. This is the first time that I visit New York and staying at a hotel, so I’m a little scared but I guess is normal!

In preparation to my trip I can’t stop playing Empire State of Mind (thanks to one of my supervisors). I’m at home preparing my trip; making lists with places I want to go visit. Daydreaming of the amount of pictures I will take and the food I’ll eat. Excited that I’ll get to see one of my oldest friends and a new friend that I met during Fitbloggin!

I’m excited to be able to escape the routine and recharge! I’m even looking forward to go work out at Central Park! You’ll have to wait for me to post pictures on Facebook and/or in here. But in the meantime here is this video to get in the Empire State of Mind.

And when you done with that, let Frank Sinatra takes you back to his era with New York, New York!

Stay tuned, for my adventures in NYC and if you have an idea of what I should do, let me know!

Until next time

Just One Cupcake


What’s On Your Mind: Holidays, 4th Of July

As you know we just celebrated America’s Birthday – 4th of July -. This celebration, for the most part, revolves around BBQ’s, pool parties, adult beverages, family, friends, etc. For us in the weight loss journey, these celebrations or holidays can be tough and challenging. There is so much going on and so much to think about and/or take into account.

I’m using the fun format of the Friend Makin’ Mondays (ran by the amazing and beautiful Kenlie

Here it goes!

What's On Your Mind: Holidays 4th of July!

What’s On Your Mind: Holidays 4th of July!

1. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? If so, what did you do?
Yes, I did!! I went brewery hopping with friends in preparation to the grand opening of one of my co-workers brewery! (If you are in the DFW area or visiting, you should stop by and support them!)

2. What was your biggest challenge during the 4th of July?
Trying not to drink as much beer as I was served to not over do it. 

3. How did you deal with that challenge?
Fortunately, some of the beers were too strong for me, so I didn’t drink it all and in some instances, we shared the beers that way we didn’t go overboard. 

4. What have you done differently?
Well I’m not supposed to have gluten (don’t tell my doctor), maybe next time I’ll still join the festivities but drink something more appropriate for my gluten intolerance. (Not complaining, I had a great time :-) )

5. What’s your biggest accomplishment?
I would say that even when we were drinking, I didn’t indulge in greasy foods or ate when I wasn’t hungry. So in my book that’s a win :) 

That’s all for now. Share with me What’s on your mind and how spend your 4th of July posted below and let’s get to know each other better!

Until next time,

Just One Cupcake


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